W e are Neven, Sandra and Mirta and all of us have been surrounded by dogs since childhood.
The kennel  was registered in 2000 and named after our daughter.
Neven had been a Doberman breeder until 1995 and Sandra got her first schnauzer - a salt and pepper mini - in 1980.
We put our knowledge, ideas and wishes together and started breeding minies.
In 2003 at EDS in Bratislava our Mirta's Haus Brioche became a EUROPEAN WINNER, which was great beginning for our kennel's future.
Our dogs are truly a part of our family, living with us in our household and spending most of their days on our sofa.
They are first of all our pets and that is what we would like all our puppies to be.
We are happy that we have met a lot of people who share our attitude towards dogs and who are now proud owners of our puppies.

Thanks for visiting us and hope you will be back soon!

Neven, Sandra and Mirta